Workplace Ready Programs

Why the Need for our Workplace Ready Programs

One of the biggest challenges South Africa faces right now, is a massive shortage of highly skilled IT personnel. This is worsened by the fact that technology is accelerating at break neck speed. Many graduates entering into the high paced IT workplace are not ready to operate sufficiently in these fast paced environments.

This is why we created the Workplace Ready Program.

It is designed to take a graduate or any person with a degree or diploma, and upgrade them to be very capable within a modern IT environment within a short space of time. To aid our students in this endeavor we not only focus on the fundamentals to ensure a solid foundation, but also emphasis modern tools, best practices, methodologies, frameworks and services that are in operation today.

Relevant training for the modern IT Development Environment

We introduced our Workplace Ready Programs to empower local talent in IT with respect to the most advanced topics with the goal of addressing a dire skills gap within the South African IT landscape.

Who should consider these programs

  • HR Departments / IT Leadership
    • We will work with you to train up your existing recruits. capacity to build program, skill to tailor made programs
    • Giving the highly customised nature of IT environments we will engage with you to determine your specific requirements. The requirements will be used to modify a Workplace Ready Program so that it is more aligned to your long term goals.
  • Graduates with a Degree or diploma
    • The Workplace Ready Program will provide you with the certainty that you can walk into the workplace and be productive from day one.

Long Term Benefits

HR Departments / IT Leadership

Establish an effective way to match individual candidates to the correct learning path based on individual’s strengths and passion while ensuring an alignment to the organisation’s requirements.

Increased level of retention and placements within the organisation using our tailor made program that ensures candidates are productive from day one of placement.

Having personnel who are more closely aligned to requirements will streamline your recruitment processes, enabling you to get the resources you’re looking for without being overwhelmed by the vast diversity of the technology space.

A company’s technology roadmap extend years into the future. Our Workplace Ready Program will enable you to plan for resources that enables you to achieve goals on that roadmap.


IT changes at a rapid pace and so fast that your basic training may not be adequate for the future. The Workplace Ready Programs will set you up your long term career growth so that you are highly adaptable in an ever changing industry. You will be able accelerate your career development in directions that you want rather than playing catch up to the next trendy technology.

Our Current Workplace Ready Programs